Green – The currency of life.

So, it begins, society has started a self destroying way of life.
You have to work, because you need money!
There’s money in the air here….
You feel it?
it’s cold and capable of let a lot of people starve… suffer, and even die… every fucking second..
and the ones who are de “chosen” really happy? or just an ilussion of happines?
The frozen always smile…. 

Go on then, what should be wrong with perfect idea/combination of a working man who believes in god, and in a happy afterlife in heaven?, sounds fantastic dont you think=???
He gives his entire life to produce “crap” to buy more “crap” to his “crappy family”.

Of course he supports the army, and the “nation” and accept in his infinite ignorance…. that’s the way things are, nothing can change it…. 
“we are here to work, consume, buy & die… of course, if you follow the rules you go to heaven!!!
What a wonderfull combination! let’s be a show off! and buy always the “new things” even if you are an ignorant self.destructive person, aaa yeah i forgot…. Go to your mall to buy more….
So. dear beliver….. please see the facts, the truth, stop buying, stop “pretending” that you are happy,
god doesn’t exist! ,
there’s no heaven!,
our “economic” system isnt economic at all…
The choice is yours!  But how??? easy! start with easy decitions!


Remember, WE ARE ONE!

dont be greedy! you always want more and more!!!
Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again,
enrich your consciousness,  stop affecting everything!

If you belive in the system! and this like an utopia? FUCK YOU! that’s all…


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